About Us

Forsyth Community Clinic provides no-cost, non-emergent healthcare to uninsured, low-income residents of Forsyth County, Georgia aged 18 – 65 years.

The Forsyth Community Clinic Mission is to harness the heart, expertise and resources of the community to deliver free basic health and wellness services to uninsured adult Forsyth County residents in need because it is vital that a community ensures its most vulnerable residents receive access to healthcare as a bridge to wellness and increased quality of life. It is our goal to lessen the gap in primary healthcare services for those without health insurance.


  • When Health Outcomes Improve, Despair Lessens
  • The Environment of FCC is Built on Respect and Integrity
  • Through Outreach and Education, People Will Actively Engage in Their Health Care
  • There are Better Ways to Serve the Uninsured of the Community than the ER
  • Focusing on Wellness Creates a Profound Change in Health Care Delivery for the Uninsured Rather than Focusing Solely on Illness

To find out if you qualify for services, please contact the clinic directly.


Board of Directors

Kristine Walden
Board Chair
Cheryl Kearney
Matt McClure
Board Treasurer
Rhonda Harris
Board Secretary
Carrie Hamilton, PharmD
Past Chair
John Cannady
Kendra Gilbert
Board of Directors
Paul HwangBo, PA-C
Board of Directors
Lynn Jackson, RN
Board of Directors
Shannon Mize, MD
Board of Directors
Amy Moreau
Karen Pirkle, RN
Alinee Rojo
Todd Shifflet
Board of Directors
Joni Smith
Kim Waters-Rose, LPC, CPCS
Board of Directors